Everest Versatility Features

Turn Heads Sharply

Selectable Drive Modes

Helping Next-Gen Everest handle anything from smooth roads to mud and ruts and everything in between from up to six selectable drive modes – Normal, Eco, Tow/Haul and Slippery are intended for on-road use (all models), while Mud/Ruts and Sand modes are available on Trend 4x4 and Titanium 4x4 variants, intended for off-road use.

Growls Confidently

Handsfree Power Liftgate

Hands full? Open the liftgate by kicking your foot under the sensor. Everest’s liftgate is wider for easier loading, open and close fast.

Spin With An Attitude

Powerfold Third Row Seats

The Next-Gen Everest flexible sitting allows 50:50 split third row in the seven-seater configuration which can be folded at the touch of a button on high series models. Most importantly, the third-row seats have been designed to fold flat to allow for long loads to be carried safely.


Wireless Charging

Avoid the hassle of having to plug in your phone. Quicker, easier and neater than wired charging, wireless charging allows you to recharge a range of devices whilst you are on the move. Place it on the Everest’s wireless charging pad and you are good to go.


Electronic Parking Brake

More room in the cabin, it is easier to apply and you won’t have to get the brakes serviced as regularly.



Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay allows driver to access all the apps and functions that they have stored on the iPhones while inside the Everest. The Android Auto interface is available for drivers who own Android phones, which perform similar functions to that of Apple’s CarPlay and is designed to minimize phone distractions while you are behind the wheel.


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