Everest Technology Features

Turn Heads Sharply

Lane Keeping Aid with Driver Alert System

Able to detect if you are unintentionally drifting out of lane by vibrating the steering wheel and displaying visual warning. If you are slow to react or don’t respond, Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering assistance to help you guide you safely back into the right lane.

Growls Confidently

Autonomous Emergency Braking

If potential collision is detected, an alert sound is emitted, and a warning message displayed in the message center. And if response is not sufficient, Automatic Emergency Braking will pre-charge and increase Brake Assist sensitivity to provide full responsiveness when you do brake. If you still don’t take corrective action and a collision is imminent, brakes can be applied automatically.

Spin With An Attitude

Active Park Assist 2.0

Helps reduce the stress of parking by taking over steering, shifting and braking and acceleration to navigate parallel or pendicular parking spaces with ease.


SYNC® 4A with Large Center Display

SYNC® 4A system and rearview cameras, bringing you a newly connected functionality with best-in-class 10” or 12” touchscreen.


360-Degree Camera

From the large centre display, choose from multiple camera views to see more than ever. This includes a bird’s eye 360-degree-top-down view, 180-degree front and rear split view, or front off-road view.



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