Everest Design Features

Turn Heads Sharply

C-Clamp Headlamp

Instantly recognizable, Ford’s signature design DNA is reflected in the C- Clamp headlapmps that flank Everests commanding grille. It provides more light in the surrounding area to help you see what you are doing in the vicinity. Another big advantage to these LED headlamps is that they generate minimal heat, drawing less energy from your battery and saving you more on fuel.

Growls Confidently

LED Tailamps

LED taillamps set in full-width design emphasize Everest’s increased track. The extra 50mm plants the vehicle on its wheel creating a strong and muscular stance.

Spin With An Attitude

Space for Seven

With seven seats, there is plenty of room to fit the whole family, or whoever on board for the ride, in total comfort.


Panoramic Moonroof

Enjoy conquering the great outdoors even when you are inside the car with Everest’s Panoramic Moonroof.


Spacious ebony interior

Sophisticated, spacious and beautifully crafted with new soft touch finishes.



Dummy space

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