Ford Motor Company is one of the greatest automobile manufacturers of all time. They started under Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan. Ford had a skill for craftsmanship when he built an experimental car in 1896. It was a twin cylinder engine with potential of 20 mph. In 1899 he left his job in order to organize the Detroit Automobile Company. Ford's first production was in 1903, the Model A, with an under the floor engine selling for $850. In the first season it sold 1,708 cars.

Thereafter, Ford became increasing interested in speed. He built an experimental racing machine called the 999, which reached 91.4 mph in 1904. He also produced the Model C the same year only later introducing the Model B for $2000. These models were improved in 1905 with the Model K that sold for $2500. In 1906 Ford introduced the Model N for $500 destroying Oldsmobile's business, while only leading to the introduction of the famous Model T in 1909.
The Model T, or Tin Lizzie, became extremely popular for the next 18 years due to its price of $850, fuel consumption, engine size, and speed in the 40-mph range. More than 15 million cars were made under Ford between 1908 and 1927. It became the all-American automobile. Production increased rapidly over the years while recalling their first million-car year in 1922. As Ford continued to produce they expanded into Great Britain, France, and Germany. Ford became a strong automobile company but needed change as they realized their only color was black. In 1927 the Model T left the market only leading to new and highly innovative automobiles to be created.

The Model A became the next popular car but caused a three-month changeover period while production occurred. The price of the Model A was $450, while 4.5 million were sold in the next four years. The car was also sold in a station wagon offering a change in style and shape. In 1932 a V8 3.6 litre automobile was mass-produced for $460 creating a great demand for Ford automobiles. Many cars were introduced over the years featuring new styles. The Model A and B were both sold with larger engines and greater amounts of horsepower. Also hydraulic brakes, column changes, and suspensions were introduced to better the company's profits.

After World War II production slowed down until the entrance of the 1949 line. At this time power units were new along with the automatic transmission in 1950. Great automobiles were manufactured in the coming years. The sporty Ford Thunderbird was introduced with 5.1 litres and capabilities of 113 mph. In 1958 it became a convertible with five seats and a strengthened structure. Major restyling occurred in the late 1950's with such automobiles as the Falcon, a compact car, with the help of General Motors and Chrysler.

During the 1960's competition increased and Ford had to become innovative in order to remain one of the top manufacturers. They put their minds together to create the Ford Mustang in 1964, a compact semi GT with four seats, at a price of $2480. The automobile had a 4.7 litre V8 engine with speeds exceeding 110 mph. The car was a great success and remained so until the present day selling over 500,000 in the first year and a half on the market.

During the coming years Ford realized its potential. They have created some great cars including the Thunderbird, Model T, Fairlaine, Galaxie, Falcon, and Mustang. They have also increased their production well into the 1980's and further with the offerings of four wheel drive pickup trucks and all terrain vehicles such as the Bronco, Jeep, F series, and Ranger. They became increasingly aware of needs for change such as colors, convertibles, hardtops, and number of doors. With increased production, innovative styles, low prices, and customer satisfaction Ford Motor Company has become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of automobiles.

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